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What kinds of things should co-parents be consistent about across home?

Many people think that divorce means that they won’t have to deal with their ex, but this isn’t how it works when you share children. One thing that might surprise some co-parents is that they will still be fairly intertwined with each other.

Throughout the divorce and the time after, the co-parents will have to do what’s best for the children. This isn’t always easy because it’s likely going to take some cooperation between the adults. One thing that can help many children is being able to have consistent rules across both homes. While it’s not feasible to think that both homes will have exactly the same rules, consider working with your co-parent on these major rules.

Set expectations for schoolwork

Education is a primary focus for many parents, so helping the child to thrive in this area is important. Working across both homes to make this happen could mean that each parent requires that homework is done daily.

Try to keep a consistent schedule

Consistent schedules can also help children to feel their best. For young children, having the same bedtime at both homes might be beneficial. You may also consider other schedule components, such as study sessions or mealtimes.

Forbid badmouthing

Neither parent should badmouth the other one. The children should be encouraged to share their feelings and needs. Both parents must help the children feel comfortable with the situation. This can include helping them build their relationship with the other parent.

The parenting plan is the basis of the co-parenting agreement. While you should work swiftly to get it in order, be sure that it addresses all the major issues that may come up. It should be set based on what the kids need now. It’s possible to modify the parenting plan in the future if the need arises.