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Thoughtful considerations on learning methods for co-parents | Gregg R. Lewis, Esq.

Ohio students now have more options for how they attend school than they did in the past. In addition to in-person instruction, many schools are offering online options for children who might need to study at home. While it is up to parents to make these important decisions, co-parents face unique struggles that make this issue a bit more complicated.

Like with custody arrangements, parents need to think about which learning method is in their child’s best interests. Parents may disagree on which option is best, though. In such situations, seeking input from a neutral third party who is familiar with both the child and family dynamics may be helpful. This includes pediatricians, therapists and other figures — not friends and family.

Once parents agree on which learning method to use, they should also commit to maintaining a consistent schedule. If a child is attending school online, parents should discuss things like instruction time, homework, exercise, screen time and mealtimes. Providing structure in an online learning environment can be difficult, but parents who are committed to supporting one another can make it work. Children who are attending classes in person also benefit from structured home lives, so parents should still discuss how to make that happen.

Whether physically going to school or logging in online, parents in Ohio just want what is best for their kids. For co-parents, it can be challenging to decide which option is truly in their child’s best interests. Taking a careful look at the child custody agreement may give some parents further insight into what those interests are, while others might determine that it is time to ask the court for a modification.

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